The heart of the story

What if you were to start the fall with a course that would let you get a big picture of the Bible? This week, I’m going to look at some new and new-to-me books that do that. Next week, I’ll talk more about such a course.

Regular readers here know that I talk often about reading the Bible. But one of the projects I’ve wanted to do and haven’t yet is to trace some threads all the way through the Bible. Randy Frazee has done that with The Heart of the Story. Some of us know two or three Bible stories, sort of. Some of us have worked hard to tell some of the stories well, shining a flashlight on them. Frazee is a tour guide, walking us all the way through the Bible, pointing out a story path.

At the beginning of the book, Frazee talks about the Upper Story and the Lower Story, the one big story that God is telling and the many little stories of individuals and daily life. As he walks his way through the story of the Bible, he ties the individual stories into the big story.

There are 31 chapters, making this a great book to read a chapter a day for October or December. Unless you are Ken. Because I have a hard time reviewing books, I asked Ken to read part of it for me.

It is an easy read and enjoyable.  I do like how he summarizes things and makes the overall picture easy to understand.  When I read a really good novel, I have a hard time putting it down.  I don’t usually have that problem with “Bible study” books or “Christian help” books or others of that type.  But this book is actually a little harder to put down.

Disclaimer: The book comes out this week. I requested a review copy. I received two. I’m giving one to Ken. I’ll send the other to the first person to email me and ask for it at jnswanson [at] gmail [dot] com.  (Gone very fast) The book link  is to my amazon affiliate.

You can read the first couple chapters for free at scribd: the heart of the story.

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