Advent 25: Accomplished

The story starts with John, at least for Luke. John the Baptist, that is. Luke, the history writer, starts his narrative not with the coming of Jesus but with the coming of John. And now these relatives, Jesus and John, are well into their lives. In fact, in their early thirties, they are almost done with their lives.

John is in prison and sends a couple of his followers to find out what is happening with Jesus, to be sure that things are as he predicted. At the end of his life, John wants to be sure that he hasn’t wasted it.

Jesus sends the message back: I’m doing what you predicted and what Isaiah predicted. It’s all good.

John’s concern is a familiar one, even for many people tonight. They have already bought their presents, confident that they know what was wanted. But now, when it’s almost too late, they want to be sure. It’s the night before the wedding, is this right? You are ready to change careers, to change jobs, to take a plunge. And you are sure, but….

Or maybe, you are sharing the same concern John had: Is Jesus really who everything seems to say He is?

And what Jesus says to John’s followers, he says to us: Go and tell what you have seen and heard.

Merry Christmas.

(From Luke 7:18-35)