It’s not about guilt. It’s about compassion.

I’ve written before about child trafficking. (There’s a list at the bottom of this post). But apparently, it hasn’t gone away. Human beings are still buying and selling other human beings. During the last month, when you and I were buying gifts for other people, traffickers were buying girls for other people.

My friend Diana hates that. She’s committed her life to stopping the problem by teaching the kids and their parents how to not get trapped. She’s committed enough that she spends a chunk of time not getting paid.

During the last part of this year, she wrote a kids ebook about her story, about following dreams to help others. And then she did a blog series about how to create an ebook.

The ebook is called Born to Fly: the tale of a dream that would not die. It’s about Blossom, a caterpillar who ends up taking risks and being deceived and trying again and learning. What’s remarkable to me as I read it is that it resonates on several levels. It’s about having hope even when you have given up parts of your soul to people deceiving you. It’s about doing everything you can to help someone close to you. It’s about God working in interesting ways. And none of those things are stated in obvious ways.

I’ll be honest. I started reading because Diana’s a friend and I wanted to be supportive. Halfway through, I was captivated by her skill at adding richness to a story about a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.  

It’s a true story, I think, about Diana, and her desire to help. It’s a True story, I think, about many of us. If you choose to buy it, proceeds go to help kids avoid trafficking. But if you choose to buy it, read it. Really.

10 bucks on 10.10.10 is a safe bet

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One thought on “It’s not about guilt. It’s about compassion.

  1. Diana Scimone

    Thank you for writing this. I love it. LOVE it. Love your line, “During the last month, when you and I were buying gifts for other people, traffickers were buying girls for other people.”

    When I wrote the book, I had a 2nd subtitle: “An illustrated novel for children–and grown-ups who can still think like children.” I deleted it because I didn’t want to sound too snarky on the cover :-). But apparently you are one of those grown-ups. I’m glad. And I’m glad for this very wonderful review. Thank you for being “captivated” by Blossom’s story.

    You are right; it is my story. And all of our stories.


    Diana Scimone
    The Born2Fly Project to stop child trafficking


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