Saturday reflection: places I read.

I realized that I don’t often tell you what I read on blogs. So I’ll change that. Here are some posts that have made me smile or weep or build my resolve in the past few weeks. They show you some of what feeds me.

my life as a roadie. A person from our church, this post was a great picture of the other side of the roadie life Andrew (son) lived for the last couple years. Because I know the family, a little, I’m learning more through these posts.

How to read a book. I just started following this seminary blog. I’m enjoying it. This post is particularly helpful. I’m a reader. This framework is a great one. And I agree that some books are worth not reading.

Should leaders have hobbies? I’m not great at hobbies. Terry is much better at this (and a variety of things).

29. Odysseus and I agree. Robby is a lit prof who hasn’t posted much until this year. This year, he’s writing almost daily and I’m getting to enjoy what Hope got to hear in class. (He’s one of her profs). This post is a fabulous defense of liberal arts degrees. I like it because that’s what my degree is.

Roller Coaster Weekend My sister created a blogging persona: Ernestine Edna. EE is an aunt, as is my sister.  But what is written at the blog isn’t fiction, isn’t hidden. It’s real-time memoir. And is a way for me to have glimpses between the statuses. My sister and Hope and Nancy all do this very well, using blogging as public journal, as hearting space. And I am very grateful they do. I remember the things in this post. I remember the rice pudding bowl, and the rice pudding.