CELEBRITY DISCIPLE (Sunday, 8:00 pm)

In this week’s episode, a wealthy young executive  comes to Jesus looking to inherit eternal life. After a brief interview about his character (perfect), Jesus challenges him to let go of all his wealth.  The executive walks away sadly. Then the rest of the disciples meet in the boardroom to discuss the implications of wealth for obedience.  Next week, a tax collector named Zach.

ROCK CENTER with Simon Jonahson.  (Wednesday, 9:00pm)

In the first episode of this new series, Jesus is the special guest. He starts by renaming the host after the show. He then heals the host’s mother-in-law.

NCIS (Tuesday, 8:00 pm)

Gibbs is called to investigate the disappearance of four sailors. The only clue is a huge pile of fish. He starts by interviewing Zebedee and Jonah, each the father of two of the sailors. When he discovers they were fisherman, not sailors, Gibbs head back to Washington. Ziva stays to catch up with family.

BIG BANG THEORY (Thursday, 8:00pm)

Sheldon dreams that his mother might actually be right about Jesus. Then he loses at “rock paper scissors lizard Spock Jesus.” Jesus created rock. Disciples write on paper. Paul uses scissors to make tents. Jesus steps on lizard. Jesus loves Spock in spite of his incessant scientific rationality. And Sheldon.

BIGGEST LOSER (Tuesday, 9:00pm)

A dozen disciples come to the ranch to figure out why they keep eating what doesn’t fill them up. After joining 15,000 people for a miraculous feast, eating  whole grains from a field, sharing unleavened bread and wine in a curious final meal, they watch Jesus betrayed and lose big. But then he comes back to life, eats broiled fish and then serves them a lakeside fish breakfast. They quit worrying about food and the ranch and start looking for the kingdom.

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