Psalm 27

The reading over at 7×7 today is Psalm 27. It’s a poem written by David.

I started to think about the difference between reading story, which is what we’ve been doing in the Gospel of Mark and reading poetry. Poetry reads slower. It reads deeper. You can’t, with integrity, skim a poem the way you can skim a story. It’s because poems are responses to story. The poet looks at the story of an event or a life or a nation or a flower and then journals the progress of the heart through that story.

All of us are poets. We all have experiences and respond to them and wrestle with them. We report them to others in bits and pieces. Those that we recognize as poets wrestle those responses long enough to put them in a form that allow others to enter, not just into the story, but into the response.

That’s what David is doing in Psalm 27. Giving us a response to the stories we all face of fear and abandonment and wondering whether God is aware.

It’s a good poem for a Sunday in February.

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