a parable about following.

When our staff meets, I start with a question. Often I don’t know the answer myself. My goal is to help us learn what we might not in our regular conversations. Last week in our staff meeting I said, “We all know about our high school interns. We give them busy work, but we also help them understand why we do what we do. If you could intern like that with someone for a month, who would you choose?”

The answers were as diverse as our staff. And when we were done, I suggested that figuring out some version of an internship could be easier than we imagined. If we worked on it, it could happen.

I discovered that it’s harder than it seems.

My answer was Eugene Peterson. If you’ve been here you’ve heard that name before (one example). To watch him converse with others for awhile would be delightful.

And this week I had a chance. I could sit and listen to him talk by video for a couple hours as he was appearing at a conference. I had thought about the conference itself, briefly, but decided that I couldn’t. quite justify it. But now I could take just two hours, at my desk, to listen.

But I didn’t shut the door. And I worked on another project. And I checked other media. He was talking about Sabbath which he described simply as “Show up. Shut up.” And I did neither.

I’m not sure why I’m telling you this. You probably don’t have a problem with wanting to learn, having the opportunity, and not taking it. Of knowing of someone who freely offers truth and not stopping to listen. But then again, maybe you do.

Let me offer some advice I just heard: show up. shut up.

You can hear Peterson on Wednesday, February 29 at 10:45 EST.

And for 7×7, see 2.29.12