Saturday reflection: on how-to books

I love the first chapter. It’s the one that agrees with me, that says that everything and everyone are all messed up but that there is hope for me.

The second chapter gives the research. It picks the things that challenge my complacency.
The third chapter lets me feel like I’m making progress. It tells me what I need to buy, and buying always feels like I’m doing something.
Chapters four through eight are okay. They give me the five steps. They spell out three subcategories of each of the steps. They are full of great stories, examples of people just like me, or people just like who I want to be. Often, I confess, I just read the stories.
Chapter nine is inspiring. It’s the great speech. And the appendix that lists all of the steps is really helpful. It means that I can just photocopy those pages instead of having to do all that writing.
But chapter ten. I hate chapter ten. “Go and do likewise.”
I think I need to read the sequel. That’s way more interesting than chapter 10.
For 7×7, see 3.3.12