How to meet Jesus while vacuuming.

I was writing this post the other day while I was vacuuming. I was writing in my head.

I had been rereading In His Steps, an old book that was the inspiration for the WWJD bracelets. In this 1897 novel, Charles Sheldon considers what would happen if a disciple of Jesus committed “to try to do what Jesus would probably do in the disciple’s place.”

While vacuuming I was considering whether Dallas Willard, was quoting from Sheldon. In a lecture at Wheaton College he said that being a disciple of Jesus means, “Learning from him how to do what he did, learning from him how to do what he said, by becoming like him. In being a disciple, I’m learning from Him to lead my life, as he would lead my life, if he were I” (10-31-01, Staley Lecture series).

And then, as I was comparing these two thoughts, I stopped the vacuum and picked up a small table to move it. I tilted the table slightly and one by one, the three pots containing cactus slid off the table and spread their planting soil and plants on the carpet.

My first thought was not to ask what Jesus would do at that moment, if he were a husband who had dumped three cacti on the carpet.

My first thought was much different.

Nancy, on the other hand, immediately said, “Don’t worry about it. I’ve done that too. Just relax.”

I eventually did relax. And realized that she had done exactly what Jesus would do if he were a wife whose husband had dumped three cactus on the carpet. He would have cared more about the husband than the carpet. And he would have repotted the plants. And he would have left some dirt for me to vacuum.

Just like Nancy.

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5 thoughts on “How to meet Jesus while vacuuming.

  1. Jill

    Yes, when I’m polishing boots (which now look even better since I’m using Dad’s kit) or ironing pants with perfect creases or making a lunch (that gets left in the fridge) or setting my alarm at 5:00am so I can be sure he does not oversleep, I think…this is not fun (okay, the polishing is fun) but it is an act of service. This is the way I can say thank you to God for the gift of THE JOB. I cannot repay Him in any other way, but I can do this.

    And I do meet Jesus at these times, because I pray specifically for Matt and his opportunities, etc.


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