I should probably charge for this.

I’ve got a weight-loss secret for lazy people.

By using this secret, I’ve lost 25 pounds since January 12, 2012. I didn’t use a trainer (though I did watch a Bob Harper DVD a little and read his book Are you ready!. a lot for a couple weeks.) I didn’t buy a gym membership (though we did buy a couple hand weights, and then was given a couple bigger ones, and then rescued a weight bench from the trash across the street, and then pulled Andrew’s old weights out of storage.) I gave up low-calorie frozen meals and I still can’t do pushups and won’t run for fear of wrecking my knee.

So what’s the secret?

I decided that I wanted to be healthy. And that I wanted to lose 8 pounds in two months, for our anniversary. That’s not much, just a pound a week.


  • by starting to ride a stationary bike while reading,
  • and by having almonds and shredded wheat for snacks for when you stress-eat,
  • and by eating the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day,
  • and by going for walks with Nancy,
  • and by taking time to make consistent little steps knowing they matter in two months rather than today,
  • and by looking at some foods and saying, “I didn’t work this hard to waste it on that donut,”
  • and by looking at other foods and saying, “I worked this hard in order to celebrate it on that home-made Hope cupcake,”

you end up losing 25 pounds in 20 weeks.

It turns out that after having a goal in 2011 to lose 18 pounds, and having “Jamaica” as one of my three words in 2010, in order to lose weight I didn’t need programs or diets or plans. I needed to simply change how I lived. Every day.

I think it’s a parable.

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7 thoughts on “I should probably charge for this.

    1. Jon Swanson

      Thanks Dave. That’s what it is for me. A lesson to apply in other ways. Like, “In what other parts of my life am I snacking in unhealthy ways?”


  1. joseph ruiz

    Congratulations Jon, quite an accomplishment. It seems to me you are really not dieting any more you are making lifestyle changes, when we diet (food or spirit) it’s a project or a program and the moment we complete that particular project typically we aren’t really changed our reward is to go back to what we did before, to celebrate. I want to grow a pound a week in my walk with Jesus – I want transformation and it feels like little intentional steps might be a good way to go. Great Parable.


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