A prayer for persistence on Monday

God, it’s Monday.

You knew that. You know that lots of my friends are asking you for lots of things right now. For peace while waiting to find out about cancer. For patience while waiting to find out about a daughter. For endurance while preparing for a quest.

And we keep wondering about the answers, about the peace and patience and endurance. And joy and healing and deliverance.

I think I’d like to talk to them about the time, Jesus, that a woman was asking you for freedom for her daughter and you just sat there. Silent. I mean, you sat there long enough that your disciples said, “Can we just get her out of here? Clearly, we’re not going to get any rest while she keeps whining.”

You said that your target audience, your niche, your ministry focus was “the lost sheep of Israel.” That’s why you were on vacation outside of Israel. To get some time off. Or that’s how it reads.

The woman came right in front of you and got on her knees.
“Help me,” she said.
“But you aren’t one of us,” you said.
“But even dogs get crumbs,” she said, acknowledging a cultural stereotype and not giving up.

You told her that she had great faith. You only said that to two people. Then you delivered her daughter from the evil one.

Your interaction went from silence to pronouncement to conversation to deliverance.

I think that I stop at silence. Or pronouncement.
Do I stop at assuming I know what you mean?
I think I miss the opportunities to converse with you.
To understand better what you want.
To persist to deliverance.

Help me persist. Deliver us from evil. And would you talk with my friends please? So they know your silence isn’t anger?


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6 thoughts on “A prayer for persistence on Monday

  1. joseph ruiz

    We live in an instant world, I don’t appreciate how much that influences how I think, feel, react. Thanks Jon, I need to apply this in many situations, thanks for raising my awareness.


    1. Jon Swanson

      joe, i hadn’t thought about this in the instant context, but I think you are exactly right. We need a quick response from vending machines and business transactions. But we don’t expect the same in conversations with friends and spouses.


  2. Frank Reed

    I struggle to hear Him. In the meantime, it feels like the world is ‘eating my lunch’ or ‘cleaning my clock’ or whatever descriptor you want to throw in there.

    I THINK I am sharing with the Lord but, in the waiting, I am feeling worn out and I am left wondering where He is in all of this. I would love some word or guidance from HIm. I wonder if this is all on me and I have stopped at silence rather than pushing the conversation?

    Maybe. I honestly don’t know. So I will go back to the waiting ………


  3. Cheryl

    Frank, when I think of “waiting” I think of Job and how he reacted in his time of waiting. My wait periods have followed his pattern in many ways. But in the end their is greater faith. That is the hope for which I long for.

    What hit me about this story is the woman knew even the crumbs would heal her daughter. I have read “With God, all things are possible.” many times yet, I often think what I have to ask is too big of a request. I need to remember how big the “crumbs” are and be bold in my asking just as this mother was.


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