talking to myself.

I decided recently to take a two-day retreat. I was reminded again that I struggle with stopping, even when I have the opportunity. As I was in the middle of my personal frustration, I texted to Nancy, “If I were helping someone else understand what to do, I would have some direction.” So I decided to talk to myself.

And then share it with you.

1. Shrink your agenda to “listen for Jesus.” You do that by saying “I want to hear You as I am walking through today.” And then accept the possibility that at least some of what comes to mind or what people say is coming from Jesus.And accept that the conversations are the agenda.

2. You do not have to measure up to expectations for this time. No one but you is asking, “Am I reading the right things? Is it okay to sit at Starbucks rather than out in nature? Shouldn’t you read Psalms instead of Nehemiah?”

3. Open up your two briefcases and take some of the stuff out. Or don’t feel guilty for not reading all that. I was chuckling at you as you were packing it all in the first place.

4. This doesn’t end on Thursday night when you get home. You can not pick up some of the distractions right away. You can take Friday to talk with Nancy. You can take time each day to answer some of the questions that are coming to mind. (Instead of wasting some of that time.)

5. Schedule the next break so that you can tell your self that it will happen again and that you don’t have to feel like this is it. And you can start by being sure you…

6. Take a Sabbath every week.

7. Cut yourself some slack.

5 thoughts on “talking to myself.

  1. Rich Dixon

    A weekly Sabbath…that’s a good idea. Seems like I remember hearing that one somewhere. πŸ™‚

    Was the Sabbath made for man, or man for the Sabbath? It’s how we were designed…maybe we ought to pay attention to the maintenance manual huh?


  2. joseph ruiz

    Jon this is like a fresh breeze thank you. I had a chuckle when I got to point 3, I thought I was the only one who did/does that! Now that I have a Kindle I get pack 5 briefcases into a nice compact machine πŸ˜‰
    Grace and Peace


  3. Hugh McDevitt

    Great post, Jon. I was struggling with this just last night. I am a person of to do lists. A lot of my lists contain things that I think are “of God,” and I think I need to get them all done. My wife and I took a long walk last night to beat 100 degree heat, but I spent a good part of the walk thinking about the things I wanted to accomplish rather last night than being present for my wife.


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