A brief note and an offering of Hope.

“Everyone wins when a leader gets better.” Bill Hybels, 2012 Global Leadership Summit 

That’s what I heard at the beginning of a leadership conference on Thursday, a conference that I’ve avoided for the decade or so it’s been going on.

Nevermind why I’ve avoided it, at least for now. I’ll tell you later when I’m better.

I have several pages of notes from day one with Bill Hybles, Condi Rice, Jim Collins, Marc Kielburger and Sheryl WuDunn. There will be more from day two. And as I write this in this evening between, I need space to think and talk with family, including Hope who I mentioned in “The rest of Hope.” She’s awake now, and writing more about what she learned on her time in the Czech Republic.

So I offer you “Part five: the return” by Hope and I retreat from my keyboard to spend time with Nancy and Hope and Phase 10.

And I point you to the comments on yesterday’s post and invite you to contribute: Reflections on praying and doing.