Sitting at the feet of a master

I wanted to find out whether I was doing ab crunches right. So I went to Josh. He was sitting in a chair. I laid on the floor and showed him how I do them. I sat up. We talked for awhile. He gave me some suggestions. He told me about some mistakes he’d made in weight training when he was more driven by ego than wisdom.

Lee walked by and made a comment. So did Jim. So did Andy. By the time Ken walked up, I knew that it was time to get off the floor.

It sounds like what might happen in any gym. In this case, the gym was filled with chairs for our 10:15 church service. It was 10:00. Josh was ready to run the PowerPoint slides. And I had laid down in the aisle, kind of hidden behind the sound board in the middle of the room.

When our conversation started, the room was mostly empty. The people I mentioned above are part of the team that makes things happen and they were walking in to get things happening.

But I didn’t care so much about what people were thinking. I wanted to know whether what I’m doing for my health is correct. Josh takes training seriously. I figured that I should talk to someone who knows what they are doing. I put up with the teasing to learn how to get stronger.

I think that’s what happens in healthy church.  We get to have conversations that will strengthen our relationships, will help us get healthier, will help us avoid doing things that could harm us. We get to listen to people who know more than we do, who can explain how they did it wrong and what they learned.

It’s why Jesus called us a body.

4 thoughts on “Sitting at the feet of a master

    1. Jon Swanson


      That’s exactly what happened when Jesus said, “now, you go. And do the same thing we’ve been doing for the past three years.” I’m guessing the disciples had an amazing number of “Oh! That’s what He meant!” moments in those months after Jesus ascended and they started teaching.

      But I always have to remember to go back and learn so that I can teach.


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