300,000 words later (give or take)

You know how to write 1,000 posts? Turns out you write 300 words a day on 1,000 days. As of today, that’s where we are.

Here are some thoughts at that milestone.

1. I don’t get to write very far ahead. The most I think I’ve been able to schedule is four. That means I’m incredible grateful for Nancy and the times she gives me topics and reads posts that I’m really uncertain about and the time that she spends sitting on the sofa while I’m in my office writing.

2. I’m glad that Paul Merrill writes the first Friday each month. Paul’s part of a small group of friends called the “Random Twitter People.” Writing here stretches him and encourages me.

3. I sometimes keep up with comments, but sometimes I don’t. I know that I should be more pastoral about that, following up, “tending the flock.” But sometimes I don’t know what to say. And so I don’t. I am, however, very grateful for comments in public and not, conversations that challenge me and keep me writing.

4. I can rerun posts because when we started in January 2009, most of you weren’t around. So I occasionally take a break and pick something from the past. Sometimes I wish I knew how to make the subscriber list grow. Then I realize that I don’t have any good reason for that wish other than ego. So I go back to trying to help you grow.

5. I wish I could tell you where 300 is going next. Some great initiative, some grand project, some book deal. But I can’t. The focus here isn’t just on the “300 words” part, it’s also on the “a day” part. Following Jesus happens daily. So does talking about it here.

Thanks for coming along on the walk. It’s done more for me than I imagined.

21 thoughts on “300,000 words later (give or take)

  1. Cheryl Smith (@CherylSmith999)

    Congratulations Jon! I’m so grateful for your obedience and your example. (And for Nancy and Paul too.) I know for you, this is about teaching and not so much about “writing.” I also know your style appeals to many in this focus starved generation.To me.


  2. Ron Phipps

    Congratulations on your milestone. It could only have been accomplished by someone special–interested enough in others and committed to his promises. You are special and I thank you for sharing your thoughts.


    1. Jon Swanson

      Ron, your own diligence and faithfulness walking with Phyllis, and her endurance in the mystery of her health make writing some words every pale in comparison. But it’s not about comparison. But thank you for your example.


  3. joseph ruiz

    Jon, congratulations on quite an impressive milestone. The first thought I had when I read “I wish the list would grow” is it is! I am growing thanks to these musings and the comments of others. Thanks for all you do and share for this space where growth in the “a day” part can occur because that’s where we live. Thanks to Nancy for her part and sacrifice for our benefit.
    Grace and Peace Jon


  4. Todd Lohenry

    Jon, you and I both know the dirty little secret that all bloggers share is that the blogger benefits more than the bloggee. Kudos to your commitment to your journey of growth and development and thanks for sharing it with the bloggees… 😀


  5. Dick

    Thanks Jon and congrats on your milestone!. I look forward to receiving this everyday. I appreciate your thoughts and what you do!
    God’s Blessing Always!


  6. Scott Brune

    1 kiloblogs down and hopefully many many more to come. Thanks Jon for your dedication to growing true disciples!


  7. Rich Dixon

    Previous comments taught me two new words…kiloblog and blogee. You never know what you’re going to learn.

    Shepherds don’t usually have a “next big thing.” They just watch and care for the sheep, and it’s pretty much the same every day but it’s not, and each day doesn’t look like much. But you pile it all up and it’s a bunch of changed lives.

    Thanks for being here for me to stumble into.


  8. Cheryl

    I would like to say I “second” all the previous replies. It is great to have a place to go every morning to reflect on how I am walking out my faith. You have a writing style that is humble, warm and inviting. God is using you in an awesome way. The seeds are being planted and the harvest will be plentiful. God bless!


    1. Jon Swanson

      Cheryl, thanks for being a part of the comments community. You and Rich and Joe (and others, but you three most often) encourage and explain and challenge in ways that help all of us so much.


  9. Judith Gotwald

    Hi, I just subscribed to 7×7. Funny, our website is 2×2 (2x2virtualchurch.com). We started or church blog about 18 months ago posting daily — anywhere from 150 words to 600 or more. We try to keep the commentaries around 500. We also have a daily devotion that’s about 150. It’s been an interesting ministry for us. We were victims of a denominational land grab. They locked us out thinking we’d die and our endowment and property would be easy pickings. It’s been three years (including four years and counting of litigation). We are growing every month—reaching more people each week than we ever reached when we had a building. I did most of the writing up until last month. Two pastors asked to contribute, so we’ll see where that goes. At least it gives me the right to say “we.” Thanks for your blog. This is a new frontier in ministry. Glad to know someone’s been at it for three years!


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