8 ways Jesus helped people learn.

People often talk about Jesus as a good teacher. It’s fun to look at his teaching style to realize that many of his teaching tools don’t seem to make much sense.

Here are some of the things that Jesus did during his three years of teaching the disciples.

  1. Told them how to do what they already knew how to do. (A bunch of his followers were fishermen. So when he told them to throw their nets on the other side of the boat, they are thinking, “Um, you preach. We fish.” Of course, he was right.)
  2. Called them satan.(Okay, just one of them,  but still, not very affirming.)
  3. Made them leave home for three years and live off from scholarships from wealthy women. (Really. Look it up.)
  4. Told them stories that they couldn’t figure out. (And they were getting the translation)
  5. Got them into trouble with the people they had been trained to respect. (Yep. The pharisees. They were the religious leaders. He was a trouble maker.)
  6. Sent someone on an internship with a traitor. (All the disciples went out in pairs. So somebody ended up with Judas.)
  7. Didn’t give them outlines. (It would have been so much easier. Outlines in three ring binders and powerpoint and the DVD series. Or actually, even anything in writing. Instead, he just spent three years talking with them…every waking moment.)
  8. Wasted months between big events. (There are months that we just don’t know about during those three years. And he could have had some great campaigns or something. Instead, he just kept talking and walking and teaching and laughing with these 12 guys.)

Lots of how he did training makes little sense to us. But somehow, it clicked.

(I first published this on August 24, 2008)

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