asking for the knowledge of the will.

“I’ve never seen you. But I pray for you all the time.”

That’s what Paul said to a small church in a small town called Colossae.

“we have not ceased to pray for you, asking that you may be filled with the knowledge of his will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding…”

He’s not talking about God’s will in the sense of “who should I marry” or “what’s the best career” or “What kind of car would Jesus drive.” That would be a pretty small knowledge to be filled with.

Instead, Paul and Timothy were asking that these people they had never seen would be filled with the practical, growing, head and heart knowledge of God’s work to undo the damage done to people and the world when there were only two people and they chose against God. The knowledge of a work outlined in Philippians 2 and in John 1 of

  • Jesus putting aside his incomprehensible position and power as the Word of God, the uttering voice of “Let there be light”, and
  • putting on meat and pain and weakness and time, and then
  • teaching for three years people who didn’t understand and wouldn’t be able until the teaching part was done and the doing part happened, and then
  • losing all human dignity as well, dying a humiliating form of death and then
  • coming back to life and then
  • handing the work over to the very same humans who didn’t understand but will now because of the Holy Spirit until
  • Jesus finishes restoring creation and relationship with God.

No. I don’t understand it all. But that’s Paul meant. And it’s cooler than what car to buy. And  I keep reading and keep asking to be filled with the knowledge of his will, which comes through spiritual wisdom and understanding, not mine.

And now I’m going back to my vacation.

One thought on “asking for the knowledge of the will.

  1. josephruizjr

    Timely message for me, hearing, reading and thinking a lot about calling, which of course is really doing God’s will. Those of us who have so much can become easily entangled in the car and other myriad of choices we have to make. I think it’s better when those kinds of decisions flow out of that growing head, heart knowledge. Thanks Jon enjoy the rest and renewal.


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