Teaching teachers how to teach

Paul said to Timothy, “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.”

More than ever, I think this model is working it’s way into my life.

  • When the grid goes down and you can’t say “This is a really cool video. You should watch it.”
  • When you don’t have a DVD player that you use to show a six-part series from a really wonderful teacher.
  • When you you are tempted to send people to another concert or comedian, saying “I’m not sure what they say, but they are really funny.”

When you are thinking about shortcuts, think about the importance of listening and learning and folding into your life, and then teaching the next generation in the same way.

Howard Hendricks died yesterday. He had been a seminary prof for more than five decades. His subject matter was “Christian Education.” We’d call it spiritual formation now, I think. It was really just teaching how to do what Paul told Timothy.

He taught something like 13,000 students, a few at a time. They have, in turn, taught millions more. He became a prof because he realized that he could influence influencers.

I heard him speak a couple times. My dad heard him speak often. And Howard was a hero for my dad because Howard valued people and trained them and modeled caring. And even though my dad wasn’t one of his students, during the time their paths were crossing, he knew my dad’s name.

Which means, of course, that his life, Howard Hendrick’s life, has shaped yours. Because he taught people like my dad, people who took what they learned and taught others also. Which is why we are here for 300 words a day.