Last Monday in February

If you started this year with “Every Monday This Year“, this is our eighth chance to do something every Monday this year. Heather is doing one thing from the list every Monday. Hans has his own commitment. It’s not too late to think about what you might want to do from that list for every Monday in the rest of 2013.

I’m reading Psalm 19 every Monday. I wrote about that Psalm more than 2 years ago. I decide to share that post again today.

If it may please you.

Yesterday morning I sent a sentence from the Bible to a friend.

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight,  O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer.

It’s from Psalm 19. a prayer that David wrote out. I sent it to someone who was speaking somewhere yesterday. Then I thought, “I need to keep that in mind.”

So I tried.

It was challenging. There were moments in the day that went crazy. Several people asking questions, each before the previous question was answered or problem was solved. There were moments when I started to feel a bit cranky, a bit defensive. There were moments when I started wondering about the projects I wasn’t getting done, or the value of the ones I was working on. There was a stretch where nothing was working on one of the extra projects that had been added to my day.

But I kept coming back to that sentence, saying it out loud, considering it in my heart.

  • Sometimes, I was looking for affirmation from God, the way I show a boss how I’m doing a project: “Would you let me know if this is going the way you want?”
  • Sometimes, I was wanting to get thoughts and words because, following a short sleep the previous night, my capacity to meditate (to reflect and ponder and consider and chew) was negligible.
  • Sometimes, I was making an offering, kind of like writing a poem or a post and giving it with a “here’s what I’m thinking. I hope you like it.”

As I neared the end of the day, with only a bit more writing and teaching to do, I realized that I had spent much time in conscious conversation with God.

I think the prayer was answered.

3 thoughts on “Last Monday in February

  1. Joseph Ruiz (@SMSJOE)

    Jon, thanks for the timely reminder. One of my new routines this year is Seven sacred pauses, it’s a Sunday school class designed to help us do what you just described in the post; check in with God more often. I am learning that structure and routine are such helpful ways to address change – it’s that clear path forward thing. Psa 19 is a wonderful message. Thanks for the insight.


  2. Frank Reed

    One of my favorite verses in all of Scripture. In fact, the whole of Psalm 19 is something that has resonated me ever since the first reading. Thanks for bringing it back to me this morning.


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