The lost hour.

We agreed on Saturday night that last week was a crazy week. Everything was a little bit off last week. People had been unusually cranky. We felt a little foggy.

For each of us, we had assumed that there was something in our lives that was askew. And there had been personal changes and challenges. As a result, we each were feeling just a tiny frustrated.

I understood. Last Monday I overslept by about an hour. Though I remembered turning the alarm on, I couldn’t remember turning it off. The late start meant I missed my morning coffee with God. Which meant that for the first time, I missed reading Psalm 19 on a Monday in 2013. And when Heather asked me about it later in the week, I couldn’t even remember Monday. The rest of the week felt like running through sieve, hitting all the grids..

As we sat together Saturday night and people started asking about the week and talking about their experiences of a difficult week, I finally realized that we had been off. About a time-change hour off.

That’s right. The time change. That single hour of lost sleep on one night. But it’s not just one night. Suddenly our habits are out of sync with the light. We wake up late several days, not just one. It’s not the one hour of sleep, It’s the disrupted routine.

It’s happens in other parts of our lives. We’ve got a routine, it is interrupted, and we’re suddenly trying to figure out why we’re out of sorts.

We’ll get back on track. We’ll learn the new routine. We’ll understand that everyone isn’t against us, they just are missing an hour of sleep, too. How?

Start again. It’s Monday. Pretend it’s January 7th again. (Only don’t set your clock back).

2 thoughts on “The lost hour.

  1. Rich Dixon

    This helps me understand something. On a tour, Becky and I take along our expectations about routine and then fuss because of course it doesn’t work.

    So maybe we need to be intentional enough about routines to anticipate and plan for obvious disruptions like time changes, new jobs, or bike tours. If the routine matters enough, maybe we set the clock ahead 20 minutes Firday, Saturday, and Sunday so Psalm 19 doesn’t get bypassed.

    Or we let a lost hour turn into a week that fades into the fog.

    BTW–I’m glad to be back in the “300 words” routine.


  2. Joseph Ruiz (@SMSJOE)

    I can really relate, not necessarily because I lost an hour of sleep, because I was supposed to be in Bulgaria this week instead I am at home. I am learning a great deal, often I say I trust God but what I really mean is I trust as long as things go the way I planned with of course allowances for tweaks etc. But when U-turns are involved well that’s another story. Almost every piece of devotional literature is exhorting me to trust daily – I am slowly moving away from trying to explain why the trip didn’t happen to resting and trusting – allowing that to be enough. It’s certainly ok to ask, to seek, to knock and to learn. I am learning to exchange my burden for His yoke it’s a much better deal.


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