33 questions to review Lent.

If you want your Lenten journey to make a difference, you need to think about the journey. Set aside an hour. Turn off the connections to other people. Ask God to help you think and remember. And then read through these questions which review the journey we’ve taken.

1. Why did you decide to walk though Lent this time?

2. What did you give up?

3. What did you start instead?

4. How long were you able to keep each commitment?

5. How many times did you renew those commitments?

6. After seven weeks, what habits did you find you had changed?

7. How has the routine of your life changed? Even little behaviors, thoughts.

8. What have you learned about Sabbath?

9. When you thought about Elijah walking across the wilderness for 40 days, how did that feel familiar?

10. Did you recognize the quiet voice that Elijah heard?

11. How have you understood God’s ways more clearly?

12. How has God spoken to you?

13. How did you find the words of the Bible helping you change habits?

14. How did the Bible become part of your routine?

15. How did you find conversations with God becoming part of your routine?

16. How did you find food in relationship with God?

17. Who did you talk with about the gradual changes in your life?

18. Who did you talk with about God?

19. What parts of your conversations with God found their way into your conversations with other people?

20. How have you been more comfortable with silence?

21. During this season, what happened that was painful?

22. What kind of pain was it? The pain of sin? The pain of death? The pain of change? The pain of relationship change? The pain of muscles not used before? The pain of guilt? The pain of separation? The pain of restoration? The pain of being reminded of disobedience?

23. What did you say to God about that pain?

24. What kind of healing did you find? (mind? heart? body? soul?)

25. What relationships have changed because of this experience?

26. What did you learn from the story of Jesus’ last days as you read the story this year?

27. What was new to you?

28. What was more raw and real to you?

29. What was more clear?

30. What do you understand even less?

31. What three things do you want to remember for the next month?

32. What changes in your life do you want to celebrate?

33. What will never change?

(Taken from  Lent for Non-Lent People which is still available for the Kindle and for the Nook.)