April, translations, Hope, time mortgages, and rules.

It’s been awhile since I did a brain dump post. Intentionally, I mean.

1. We’re done with the first quarter of 2013. When the end of the first quarter of the year is Easter Sunday, it means the second quarter starts with a bang. Or with a feeling of fatigue. It’s a great time to say, “What do I want to be for the last three quarters of the year?”

2. A few weeks ago, some friends were talking about their Bible translation work. They’ve done Mark, Acts, Romans and Ephesians. It made me wonder what book should be translated next? What do you think? (Here’s a post on that subject from The Seed Company.)

3. Hope and I were talking about all the projects she has as she finishes her last semester of college (and celebrates her birthday on Saturday.)

7803044028_bd4c9b413f_nI starting talking about the idea of a time debt or a time mortgage. We mortgage our time when we say yes to a project. If we say yes to too many projects, we can create a huge debt, more than we could ever get done with the new time we get. There are catastrophic strategies. We may have a breakdown. We may declare time bankruptcy and walk away from our lives. Or we can start into a process of refinancing, renegotiating deadlines, deciding what the minimal acceptable quality is. As part of that, we can ruthlessly eliminate the time leaks (which helps with time income) and we can refuse to take on any more time debt.

Sometime I write a whole post about that idea, but I wanted to let you start thinking about it now.

4. I talk about how I use Rule 4 from my friend Becky McCray’s book (with Barry Moltz). I talk about you. So I thought I’d share.

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