Some short communication videos.

I’ve been developing some communication teaching resources, illustrating some of the things I’ve been saying about communication design for years. Some of you have heard me talk about these things. Now I’m trying to capture, explain, and illustrate them.

These are particularly focused to church settings because I try to help people in our building be more effective. And because I’m doing some training for pastors.
I must confess that I’m more of a communication person than a design person. And that I know full well that many of the things I say are matters of taste rather than of absolutes. But I also know that many people never get any training in design. And these suggestions have guided me fairly well.

It’s kind of like making disciples, I suppose. You could wait until you figure everything out, until you know all the answers. Or you could share what you know, trusting that people will be able to take bits and understand more than you could, accomplish something with groups of people you could never help. 

If you watch these, I’d be grateful for any feedback. And if they are helpful, feel free to send them on.

Thanks for helping.



Here are the videos so far:

6 communication design basics: This video explains 6 concepts I use in thinking about design, whether for print, posters, publications or video.

11 layout rules for people who need a place to start: They aren’t rules. They are more like guidelines. But sometimes people have never heard these.

15 design tips for displays and posters: I tried to offer examples of what can make displays and posters work better without spending much money.

More attenders. This video is more about the process of communicating an event than design.

2 camera video for cheap: And here’s how I made these videos.

2 thoughts on “Some short communication videos.

  1. Rich Dixon

    I just wrote a devotional booklet for riders on our upcoming tour. I used COMIC SANS on one page, I underlined a sentence in a bible passage that was already bold italic, and after looking at your examples I’m confused about how to spell “proofread.” However, Becky did find several typos.

    Looks like I have work to do.

    The DISPLAY hints were really helpful. Saw several things there that we’ll keep in mind.

    One thing to add…a design guy once told me he tries to avoid white backgrounds on large fields like posters and slides. His general guideline was “dark text, light background for reading, light text, dark background for displays.”

    BTW…if I was being sarcastic, I’d suggest losing the yellow text on your “Twitter” sidebar image. But I’d never do that. 🙂


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