Read like you read.

I almost started to write “a couple weeks ago” when I realized that it was six weeks ago that I asked you to talk about how you read the Bible. There were lots of comments, both here and in emails.

I’ve been lax in replying. I’ve been busy, yes, but I haven’t figured out how to take the time to think through how to respond to your responses. I know that many of you would say, “That’s fine. Don’t worry about it. We’ve been busy too. Sometimes we have seasons like that.”

You (yes, you) are one of those comforting people. And weren’t you also one of the people that somewhat apologetically said, “I wish I could be more consistent about how I read the Bible, but I’m woefully sporadic.” (Right?)

Would you think with me for a moment, those of you who are hard on yourself and gentle on me? Where did you get the Bible reading standard that you are not achieving? From some Sunday school teacher? From some pastor? From some superhero spiritual giant?

How did they set that standard? How does their personality fit with yours? How does their stage in life fit yours? When you read a psalm, do you just get stuck thinking about it over and over, “knowing” you should go on, but wanting to say over and over “have mercy on me, O Lord.”?

What’s wrong with that? What if the best reading standard for you is to talk with God about the same few sentences for a month. What if you are built to treasure depth more than breadth, to savor more than you speed?

What if God’s not scolding you for being sporadic? What if he’s waiting to explain that bit you have read?

What if you are not me?