talking with dad.

“Subway?” I texted Hope.

She wrote back. “That was lunch. But I would be interested.”

We’re working in the same building this summer. She’s working with our youth.

We met in the hallway. I was going to take her order, but she said “Let me write four more sentences and I’ll go with you.” I took care an errand. As I walked back to the building I called her. “Meet me at the car.”

She walked out just as Kelly backed up to that door with 12 pails of ice cream and toppings for a youth activity. Hope and I helped Kelly carry them in, talking with Pete who was around, too.

Hope and I headed to the car. As we drove to Subway, she talked through the devotional she’s giving tonight. Talking about prayer. I just listened.

As we were pulling into the parking lot I said, “Leave out that piece of the story.” It made sense to her. She went on, finishing as we got to the counter.

“I have two comments,” I said. And then she ordered and I ordered. We waited, paid, and as we were walking out I gave her my three suggestions. One was something I hadn’t thought of before. The other two were from my experience.

We chatted all the way back. And then we ate.

And then we got coffee.

It was, I realized, an image of praying. I initiate the conversation, offering a meal: “Give us this day.” She talked through what she was going to say: “God listen to my prayer and do not ignore my cry for help.” She had to wait for my suggestions while we placed the order. We worked together to help a couple people.

Sometimes, I know, it’s more complicated than that. But sometimes, it’s exactly like that.

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  1. Jill

    EXACTLY like that. And I find that it helps me to watch what I say AND do if I think of myself in a state of conversation with God…things I wouldn’t want to include in a conversation with my Abba…and I find I’m listening more intently to what He has to say about things. I listen to His prompts…”tell this person they are loved” “listen to this story, he/she needs you to hear it” “encourage this one…she needs to know someone notices her besides Me” When I am talking with my Abba, I am less likely to offend and more likely to shut up. (or maybe that’s the same thing)


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