thy kingdom

Every so often, I ask permission to take someone’s chair. They ask me how to solve a computer issue. I can’t explain it. I ask to change places. I solve the problem. They ask me how to design a postcard. I start describing. And then I ask to change places. I start cutting and pasting and reformatting.

When Jesus says that we are to pray, “Thy kingdom come”, I don’t think he’s saying, “Ask God to take over your chair and do your work while you sit back.”

I wish that was it. I wish I could sit back and just watch God do everything.

But his kingdom isn’t a thing to do, like a misfunctioning Excel spreadsheet. It’s not a design project that we sit and watch him do and call it the kingdom coming while we sit.


I think that saying, “Thy kingdom come” is more like saying “how do you want me to design this? What standards should I use” and then designing within those standards. I think that it’s like reading the stories of great heroes who fail completely and are forgiven and who rewrite the direction of their lives in the direction of the new Kingdom and then thinking, “I’m like that, not the hero, but the failing.”  I think it’s like saying, “today, as I eat my daily bread, which, by the way, I need from you, what part of this disorder can I bring your order to?”

I think that there is an active obedience, not a passive abdication in the coming of the kingdom. I think that living the words that Jesus taught us to pray means living the words Jesus taught us to pray. I think that “thy kingdom come” means saying, “Is this what it means?” and trying something.

You think?


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