The Sunday Morning Paper

Some of us are on information overload. It’s not just the amount of information, it’s the frequency. That’s why, truthfully, Nancy and I stopped subscribing to the daily paper and just get the Sunday paper.

I want to help some of you manage the information flow by providing an alternate way to receive the posts from

Starting Sunday, September 15, I will publish a Sunday only edition of 300. It will have one paragraph summaries of the previous week’s posts with links to each. It will have a brief new paragraph or two. It will have some other content found only in the email. Occasionally, a video. Occasionally, a link to other posts. Occasionally, a review of books or a perspectives piece. A Sunday morning paper.

I will try this from now until the end of 2013 as an experiment with my time and yours.

I thought about offering it as a paid subscription. I figured that $1 a month was an appropriate amount for the editorial work. But then I started looking at the logistics of subscriptions and the associated charges and all. I realized that I don’t want to add in the processing costs, and I don’t like the idea of limited access.

So that’s why I’m trying this as an experiment. To find out if I can sustain it and whether you find it helpful.

I will confess, I’ve had some fun picturing you picking this up from your virtual front porch and reading it over a cup of coffee, eating a bagel, looking out the window while you reflect: “Church with a cup of coffee.” “Church while wearing pajamas.” Bigger confession? Sometimes I’d love to spend Sunday morning that way.

I’ll keep posting here daily. Some of you like the regular interaction. But for some of you, there’s The Sunday Morning Paper.

6 thoughts on “The Sunday Morning Paper

  1. David

    Now that sounds like a good idea – but I will probably read it Sunday evening given the get ready for church overload we have in our home on Sunday morning depending on who is what rota! But I do read the weekday ones when they arrive, which for me is just after nine in the morning.


    1. Jon Swanson

      great question Judith. It’s actually pretty practical: i want to have time to get it ready and I’m working to be intentional about taking fridays off. I need the time til Sunday morning so I have the time.


  2. Joseph Ruiz (@SMSJOE)

    Selfishly I love the idea, not that I plan to bail on the daily, more that I miss 300 words on the weekend! It’s such a regular part of my morning routine I miss it when it isn’t there. Thanks for all you do John, I have read some great books lately, always find the content useful and often challenging (in a good way)


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