What kind of boss is God

Think of the worst boss you ever had. The one who was always demeaning. The one that ignored you. The one that seemed to be trying to frustrate you. That one.

Now, think of the best boss you ever had. The one who gave you a chance, and then another one. The one who didn’t blame you when you didn’t know how to do what no one would expect you to know. The one who was encouraging to you and was encouraging to a coworker in ways that were completely different. The one that was your boss that time you worked on the hardest project you ever faced, the project that defeated you three times before you figured it out. And you figured it out in a conversation with her. And she never reminded you that you had failed, only that you got to work through it together. That one.

Think of the worst relationship you have had. The one that completely drained you, no matter how hard you worked at the relationship. The one that sabotaged every attempt at affection, every movement toward understanding.

Now, think of the best relationship. The one with the mentor who completely understood you. The one with the sibling who was always encouraging, always honest, always wise.

Got those pictures? Now how often do we act as if God is the worst boss? What would it be like to act as if God is the best boss, or better? How often do we act as if Jesus is the worst sibling, always stealing our stuff, always tattling? What would it be like to act as if Jesus is the best sibling, or better?

I know. It’s Monday. It’s too early in the week to think.

But is God acting like our worst relationship?


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