working on my schedule during church

I’m working on a way to keep track of my calendar, and writing. It fits with my current way of thinking and with my use of a Moleskine for my morning coffee with God.  (Read about it at

One of the pieces of the system is to write the name of a month at the top of a page, and then write the numbers for the days of the month in the squares down the page. I did that the other day and started writing in some of the events that are happening during the month. It was nice to capture some of the activity that is coming during October, and to see it simply on one page.

octoberThen I stopped working. I realized that the worship team was singing a song based on Matthew 11. It says, in part, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” I started laughing. Softly, of course, because I was sitting in the middle of our of our church services.

Yes. While the team was singing, I opened my journal and starting working on the October calendar. My reasoning was that I had been running and trouble-shooting and teaching all morning. This was my first opportunity to sit. Capturing my thinking is one way to get my mind and heart focused for worship. However, in that moment I was very aware of the tension between appropriate planning and resting in God.

You know that tension, too. I’m guessing that some of the people who read this–maybe even you–have worked on your calendar during times when you ‘should’ have been paying attention. But maybe in those moments the best response isn’t to feel guilty. It’s to acknowledge the challenge and ask Jesus how he handled it.