The story of a dad: part two

Philip (the dad from yesterday) had been a notable church leader back in the day. He was on his way to success in the spiritual hierarchy. He was number two in his department, leading the welfare program for a megachurch. And then, all hell broke loose. Philip had to run for his life. He ended up here in Caesarea. And now, 20 years later, he’s still here.

I wonder whether he ever wondered what would have happened if he had been left alone, if he could have just done his job, lived out his calling. He was known as Philip the evangelist,  but that was 20 years ago. The only thing we know about that 20 years is to have four daughters.

Not that there is anything wrong with settling down and having a family. But back in the day, there was one clear and simple thing Philip does in his life that we have record of, an hour-long part of his life. It was, for him, huge. There are plenty of Bible guys that we only know a little about, but there is such vivid detail about this story, Because, you see, Philip probably told Luke the biographer that story himself, with all the excitement and coolness. Probably sitting in his family room in Caesarea.

There are lots of things that we know about Philip from Luke.

  • Early in his life he was known by others to be spiritual and wise. 

  • He was assumed to have administrative capacity.

  • He probably was a pretty gracious and helpful guy, comfortable working in the background.

  • He was in Jerusalem, but probably was discriminated against in the church because he didn’t speak the right language.

  • He was the second most capable of the deacons after Stephen.

  • Which meant that he was a marked man.

And Paul, the man sitting in his family room 20 years later,  had marked Philip for death. 

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