Little flakes of love

(First published May 5, 2010)

We want to do huge magnificent works of passionate loving action. We want to have a significant impact. We want to do something massive that will transform the world. We want to focus all of our energy into something amazing.

That’s what we want to do.

Instead, we decide that we can’t do anything massive, anything that will make any big difference. Or we get caught up in nothing.

An anonymous writer suggests that sometimes you don’t need massive works projects. Sometimes, the most effective way to help is with little pieces of love. Little bits of encouragement. Little words of affirmation.

Here’s what is written:

But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.

That deceitfulness, that deception includes stories we tell like the “No one cares what I do” story or the “What I do isn’t significant” story or the  “What difference do I make to anyone” story.

In fact, any story that I am telling that claims complete independence from other people or complete inadequacy compared to other people will kill me, will paralyze me, with consume me.

And that is why I need to give and to get encouragement. Telling you that I need your contribution helps me think about your work and your presence and your existence. It chips away at my sense of independence. It chips away at your sense of inadequacy.

And chipping is the best image I can find.

It isn’t one time huge affirmations. Though they are nice.

It’s a day at a time, noticing that person, thanking that person, encouraging that person, redeeming that person.

Yes, that one. the one who just flitted through your mind.

Followers don’t leave each other alone. Like pests. Like partners.

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