A second look at theology.

A few weeks back, I saw the opportunity to be involved in a blog tour. A new book was being released, Evangelical Theology by Michael Bird. I was intrigued, I applied, and I was chosen. The deal is that I got a copy of the book a week before it was released. And I have to write an honest review here and on Amazon.

So I’m talking theology this week. You can tune out for the week, if you would like. I probably would have a few years back. I may not be a Biblical scholar, in the Michael Bird sense of scholar, but I have studied the Bible a lot. My focus has been on Bible as story. My degrees are in rhetoric which helps me with the story, and are from a state university, not a seminary, which gives me a different way to look at the texts.

This is in contrast to the study of systematic theology which is, as best as I can understand it, a topical, thematic, structured approach to the study of God. For me, Biblical study is looking at a story book, systematic theology is looking at a catalog. In fact, when I was going through my ordination, I had to buy Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology to understand the context of some of the questions. Which I then answered from my Bible as conversation perspective.

So why did I want to even try reading this book? Before I heard about the tour, I watched a video of Dr Bird talking about why a Biblical scholar wrote a theology. I was curious. Maybe, just maybe, this book could help me find theology a little more interesting.

I’ll be talking about the book for the rest of this week. I’m engaged in the writing, if not the always in the material.

By the way, the 25 days of Advent start December 1. I wrote a reader which is available for the Kindle: Anticipation: an Advent reader.

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  2. emilyinmaine

    This is very helpful to me. For one of my classes I’ve been listening to some of Wayne Grudem. I know why he scrapes me the wrong way in some situations…. but the reality that my approach to scripture is much more story/relational than scientific… that is helpful. I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts this week.


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