Notes from the week.

I watched a video by our local Habitat for Humanity branch. It’s about the difference that owning a home has made for a couple people in Nashville. At the end is a graphic with a simple question: “What will YOU build?” The question has been nagging at me all week.

I listened to an episode of the Entreleadership podcast. Chris Hogan was talking about goal-setting. He said, “Are you striving to be comfortable or striving to be effective?” I know I’m striving, but something about the way he asked the question made me reflect.

Nancy and I were walking and talking about the book I’m finishing up. In thinking through the publishing choices and some other things, she asked, “Who is your model?” I answered immediately. “Peterson. Eugene Peterson.” We talked about him a bit and I said, “I’ll never meet him, and I wouldn’t know what to say if I did. I’d just listen.” Nancy said, “If he is who we think he is, he’d find something for you both to talk about.” Later that day, I wrote him a fan letter. I don’t know if the address is right. But writing it helped me see how much he taught me about my approach to pastoring and to reading and teaching the Bible. (Of course, if you know his address for sure, I’d be happy to have it.) (More about him.)

We often say that life is a marathon, not a sprint. We say it to emphasize the importance of consistent growth, of planning for endurance. But what I know about marathons from my friend Richard is that the last few miles are brutal. It doesn’t get easier. As I watch family members who are in the last few miles, I think the metaphor is very true.

What are you thinking about this week?