Announcing “A Great Work”

300 words will complete 5 years on January 1. Thank you for reading when you do, responding when you do, and encouraging when you do. It’s a humbling thing.

Along the way, a couple people said, “We’d read a 300 words version of the Bible.” I couldn’t figure out how to do that.

This week I’m announcing the first book that feels to me like it fits with the 300 words a day style, without consisting of old posts. 


A Great Work is my book-length conversation with the book of Nehemiah.

Why Nehemiah? When I started, I thought the book was about doing something big, that it was for people wanting to do that once-in-a-lifetime project.

The more I read and wrote, the more I discovered that Nehemiah isn’t a project management book, or a five easy steps book. This is the memoir of a human who lived a faithful life.

I’m going to talk a bit about the book this week. I hope you will humor me. I want to start with an excerpt from the preface.


You want to do something great.

We all want to do great things. We all want to change the world. We all want to do something that matters, to be someone who matters. I do. You do, too.

We don’t have to be in charge, we tell ourselves. In fact, we’re not sure we could be. But we’re tired of just doing stuff for someone else’s agenda.

You and I have both read too many management books, leadership books, greatness books. They are full of great ideas, promises, guidelines. But maybe we need to look at the Bible. After all, people who hang around church have heard that the Bible is a place to look for significance. But we don’t know where to start.

I’d like to suggest the story of Nehemiah.


A Great Work (paperback)

A Great Work (Kindle)

A Great Work (A-Great-Work-sample)

7 thoughts on “Announcing “A Great Work”

  1. Matches Malone

    Reblogged this on The Random Rant and commented:
    I don’t know how I came across Jon’s site, however I’m glad that I did. Such a simple concept writing 300 words a day. Anyone can do that, and I’ve done so on more than one occasion. However, I get to write about the entertainment industry.

    Jon writes about God. Everyday! Impressive, to say the least. I think I’ll refer everyone to this post when I review it for him on Amazon. That way, I don’t have to write everything twice 😉


  2. Johanna Fenton

    Jon, one of just many interesting experiences I had reading your book, and I’m only a few chapters in, is I got into the conversation, too. At one point, I got mad you didn’t ask the question I wanted to ask. And then I realized, “Oh wait, this is a book written by Jon.”

    So I wonder if the really neat thing is, as you’ve asked your questions, the effect is for us to begin asking our questions.


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