One day last week I looked at my posts from the past year. I printed them out with blogbooker and skimmed through all the writing. It was a good journey. I remembered things I started and then forgot. I remembered things I’d been concerned about, celebrations we had, wisdom I shared with others and now desperately need to remember.

On Sunday, I talked with a group of young adults about the prayer of examen (I wrote examining examen: part one and part two.) It’s a process of reviewing each day at the end of the day, looking for God’s presence and my living. Too often we avoid these times, afraid of what we will find.  But as I wrote in one of those posts,

[Ruth Haley Barton] suggests giving thanks for the moments that we understand and for God’s presence even in the moments we don’t understand. This walks us from simply stopping, to noticing events, to attributing intention to the events. It’s an unfamiliar feeling. I confess.

On Monday I read Psalm 139, a poem of review that David wrote. He invites God’s help in the process, he talks about the positive change from even the painful parts of the review.

A few minutes ago, I handed Nancy a stack of photos from the past year. I had them printed, just wanting to get a glimpse of times and conversations and events and food that went by too quickly. I want to remember them.

In a bit, I’m heading to visit my mom. She’s struggling with the process of reviewing right now. She keeps finding herself in the past, looking for people no longer alive.

For the next few days, I’ll be reposting from the year. It’s my way of reminding myself of where we’ve been. I need to remember.


A favor? If you’ve read “A Great Work” and it’s helped you understand Nehemiah better, would you be willing to post a review for either the paperback or the Kindle version? Thanks. I’m grateful.

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