Getting back on track.


It’s Friday.

Just some thoughts.

1. We’re a week and a half into 2014 and school has already been cancelled four extra days for some of you in the US.  Work was cancelled. Snow and ice and cold have undermined our plans. That’s a rough way to settle back into a routine.  But all that focus on disruption has been distracting me from what’s been happening. On Monday night, for example, Nancy and I had to quit driving and had to spend the evening with Andrew and Allie. It was a great, unplanned time.

2. We had wonderful conversations over the weekend, though I’m not ready to talk about them. I need time to reflect, to process, to consider. But I am so grateful for the time with Nancy and with family and friends.

3. Here’s my message from last Sunday, thanks to First Baptist in Webster. 

4. I was reading Ezekiel the other day. After a big long speech that God gave Ezekiel to pass on, Ezekiel had a little push-back for God. Then I said, “Sovereign Lord, they are saying of me, ‘Isn’t he just telling parables?’” It’s in my journal now, with a box around it. This was a heart-felt prayer from a guy who was a little stressed about his job. He was being faithful to God, but God kept asking him to do things that didn’t make sense.

Apparently we get to say that to God.

5. I realized that Colossae wasn’t full of theologians. When Paul wrote his letter to them, a letter that feels incredibly theologically dense to some of us, he was writing to a group of people like us. No seminary, not theologians. Just people who needed a framework of who Christ was. We need to study the letter, but we don’t need to complicate or make people feel overwhelmed.

6. If you know someone who is going to be teaching or preaching or studying Nehemiah soon, let me know. I’d love to let them know about A Great Work. (Or maybe you could make that connection, if you are finding it helpful.) And if someone needs a box of copies, let me know. jnswanson [at] gmail [dot] com.