Self-discipline exposed. And help me with a study, please.

I’ve been asking for insight about topics for the past couple days. “What should I write about at 300 this week?”

I have several topics I’m thinking about, but I cannot find the theme, the thread, the topic. For example, I started thinking about a series of teachings about character. :  For the next 10 days, give 10 characteristics of someone following Jesus, by looking at the first few chapters of John.  And I started making a list of the situations and some observations. 

1. John and Andrew follow John. Some followers of Jesus are looking for the one who is to come.
2. John and Andrew follow Jesus.
3. Jesus and his family and followers go to a wedding. Followers of Jesus sometimes travel in packs, not understanding what’s going on.
4. Jesus and his family and friends go to Capernaum
5. Jesus goes to Jerusalem.

But then I got stuck  So I decided to start writing about solitude. But there was too much noise going on in my heart.

I started thinking about the way that Daniel overlaps with the book of Ezra and the prophecies from Haggai and Zechariah, and then running into Esther and Nehemiah. It’s a fascinating convergence of stories and books in the Old Testament. There was a sense of “Ah, that makes sense!” But I’m not ready to turn it into a series. I’m not sure that you are interested, or, more accurately, that I can find the way to connect my delight to your and my daily lives.

Sunday afternoon I asked Hope what to write about. “Practicing self-discipline” is what Hope said. It’s because she talked about it with her 7th grade students in Sunday school on Sunday. “Seventh graders need to learn that it’s something you can practice, that you can develop.”

Apparently, that need isn’t limited to seventh graders.


Hey, can you give me a little feedback? I’m working on a study guide for A Great Work. Some people are wanting to study it in a group setting and would like questions.  If you’ve read the book, what are the questions would help discussion? If you haven’t, what are the kinds of questions that help you most in a group study or book club? Thanks for your feedback!

One thought on “Self-discipline exposed. And help me with a study, please.

  1. Joseph Ruiz (@SMSJOE)

    Selfishly speaking I like self-discipline. I am working on new routines this year. In addition, I am beginning to realize the importance of a new mindset. Really getting a lot out of A Great work more feedback on that soon. Thanks for all you do Jon.


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