Monday morning reflections

Do you ever get to Sunday evening full of thoughts and lacking the energy to develop them? Yes, me too.

Here are a weekend’s full of thoughts. Feel free to develop them yourself.

  1. In class on Sunday, I asked a question that I have often asked in discussion settings: “Who is your favorite member of the Trinity?” It’s always an interesting conversation.
  2. I was thinking about the characteristic of God that is most compelling, at least as a way to being talking about God. Without thinking too much, I wrote “God speaks.” The more I reflect on it, the more I like that. Speaking involves personality, involves conversation, involves interaction. And it’s where John starts his Gospel.
  3. We don’t know why Judas betrayed Jesus. There are suggestions, theories, rationales. But the text doesn’t clearly indicate why he went to the leadership and suggested a price. Perhaps that means it doesn’t matter how good or bad a reason to betray Jesus is, the result is the same. A betrayal.
  4. During his last week, Jesus was a terrible marketer. He told his followers that they should expect to be pursued, persecuted, betrayed, and that some would die. And, he said, “not one hair of your head will perish.” Who would buy into such clear tension? But three thoughts came to mind.

    First, it’s terrible marketing but inspired training. If you warn people that suffering is part of signing up, when the suffering comes, no one is surprised.

    Second, it was as if he was describing in detail what was going to happen to him. Betrayal by friends, taken before kings (Herod) and governors (Pilate). Death. This wasn’t a suggestion of what might happen, it was a description of what was about to happen.

    Third, did Jesus have hair after the resurrection?