Recognizing the voice of Jesus, part 2

See part 1 yesterday

Jesus talks a lot in John, to a lot of different people, many of whom are identified by name. In the first chapter he talks to his first followers. In chapter two, he talks with his mom, with his followers. And then he makes a public spectacle, showing how he sounds to people who are wronging God and other people. In chapter three, he talks to a scholar. And a prophet, who was also a relative, talks about him. In chapter four, he talks with a marginalized woman. In chapter five with the establishment. And in between there are miracles, not every day, but often enough to make a point.

So if we want to learn what Jesus sounds like when he talks to people, and how Jesus works, reading John might help. Because it may help us learn to recognize when he is talking to us.

How do we do this kind of a study?

One way is to walk through all the conversations in the book. Some are really short: one question, one answer. Others are longer: question, response, question, response, comment, question.

1. Look at each conversation. In one or two sentences at most, answer each question.

  • Who is talking with Jesus?
  • What do they say?
  • What does Jesus say?
  • How do they respond, if we know?

This will take awhile. But in the process, you will begin to hear how Jesus sounds.

2. After the whole book has summaries, look back through the notes.

  • How much time does Jesus spend speaking in large groups? In small groups? One on one?
  • How much time does he spend with enemies? with friends?
  • What do people ask him to do? Does he do it?
  • What does he ask people to do?

And that will help us know his voice.


Make sense? Questions? Want to give it a go?