No more rocks.

On Easter Sunday, I picked up a rock. On Easter Monday, I thought, “pick up a rock every day.”

Was it a voice from God? Was it brainstorming? Was it something else? I don’t know for sure. But I picked up a rock.

Several stories made sense as I moved ahead with picking up a rock every day. Some of them I have used to help you and me think through some things.

1. Picking up a rock every day teaches us about forming habits. We could pick up a wheelbarrow worth every six weeks, but we wouldn’t learn about building simple habits.

2. Picking up a rock every day shows us how small actions can accumulate weight. My pile of rocks weighs several pounds. Eventually, a rock a day becomes a ton.

3. Picking up a rock a day can teach us lessons about forgiveness and gratitude and remembrance and sharing. So can giving them away.

I hope that these exercises have been helpful for you. They have for me. But I discovered on Monday morning that I picked up the last rock in this project in Osseo, Michigan on Sunday afternoon. Again, I thought, “No more rocks.” Again, I can’t tell you for sure how I know.

I laughed when I realized that Sunday was Pentecost Sunday.  It’s the end of a several month season that starts with Ash Wednesday, runs through Easter Sunday and culminates in Pentecost. It’s the day that celebrates the arrival of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the disciples. Somehow that was fitting.

It’s going to take me more than three hundred words to tell you why I am stopping gathering rocks. So I’ll take a few days to talk about the deeper lesson I’ve been wrestling with.

Thanks for your patience. And participation.