A way to request a mentor.

Sometimes we need coaching but we don’t know how to ask. Feel free to use this as a template.

Dear ___

I need a mentor. I pick you.

I’m pretty sure that thought scares you. You’re sure that you don’t know anything well enough to share. You spend so much time feeling like you aren’t measuring up, that you aren’t grown up, that you aren’t expert enough to teach anything. And you look at people who call themselves gurus and experts and you are even more insecure. “If people who are that reckless and odd are the experts,” you think, “I must be a real reject.”

But I’m not asking you to help me with the things I already know. I need you to help me with the things I don’t know.

I don’t know how to deal with losing a job. I don’t know how to deal with feeling insecure. I don’t know how to admit doubt.

And without being critical, you’ve been through all of those things. You think they are marks of failure. I think they are marks of growth. And I want to know what you did. Because I know that somehow, through all of that, you still talk about God. Less obnoxiously than many, but with deeper confidence than most.

mentorIf I may be bold, I think you need me. You need to know that you understand more than you think you know.

I don’t need a list of six steps. I need your heart. When Paul told the Corinthians that they should take the comfort they got from God in the middle of their pain and use it to comfort others, he was describing mentoring that really helps.

Because everyone can find success mentors. I want a sorrow mentor, a struggle mentor, a humble mentor.

I need you.

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