Simple actions 4: learning to say yes.

First published May 14, 2009

“Every day, asking God for guidance, say yes to something.”

Often, when we think about disciple, we think about discipline. When we think about discipline we think about scolding. When we think about discipline, we think about pain. When we think about discipline, we think about saying no.

Maybe it’s just me.

I think about cutting back, about not doing, about focusing. I think about the pain of denying myself.

Ironically, being a disciple is as much about saying yes, as it is about saying no.

Paul tells Titus that grace teaches us to live lives that are self-controlled, upright, and godly. Paul talks about people who are eager to do good. All of that seems to talk about what to do.

Do what is good, say yes to what God would to. Choose to do the right thing, the righteous thing.

It is possible to be so focused on saying “no” well, that we never start to actually do something, to move ahead in right behavior. And it seems a huge burden, sometimes, to be able to be good all the time. But I think that we get good all the time by doing good every time there is a choice and turning that into a pattern.

But it starts with behaving well now. With God’s direction. When you see the opportunity to do good, be eager. With God’s help. When you can extend your influence, do it. With God’s wisdom. When you can serve water,when you can visit and comfort and heal and help, be there. With God’s hands.

Looking at the opportunities, you seem to be making no progress. Looking in the rearview mirror, you have built a reputation.

Pray for me, and I for you.

“Every day, asking God for guidance, say yes to something.”

Titus 2:11-14


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