But some advice is different.

Last week, after running, I notice that my leg hurt. It was a muscle thing, that much I could tell. So I ignored it. And ran a little. The next day, I was still sore. Maybe a little more. So I mentioned it to my marathon friend, Richard. He identified the muscle. He gave me some counsel. He sent me a link to some stretching exercises.  I took the OTC pain med. I tried the stretching once. I felt better. I went running a couple days later. And my leg hurt.

I was discouraged.

Until I remembered something about Richard.

I neglected to mention yesterday that my friend Richard is a medical doctor. Not only does he run, but he understands something about the body, and about his body. When he gives counsel, it’s not because he found something cool on the Internet. And it’s not something to mask the pain.

Although Andrew can help me figure out what to wear, and Rob can share from his experience, Richard has a different pool of experience. His goal is to give the kind of direction that, if followed regularly and completely, will make me healthier. Taking the meds helped with the pain, but didn’t do much to rebuild muscle. Regularly following the steps he told me would have made my leg healthier faster.

Not all counsel, however well meaning, is equal. Not all voices carry the same kind of weight. And even the best counsel, ignored when we start feeling better, is useless.

I’ve discovered that spiritual counsel is much the same. Not all voices carry the same reflection and study. And even the best guidance, left untried or abandoned too quickly, won’t accomplish our healing.

Now, excuse me while I stretch my leg. And my heart.


One thought on “But some advice is different.

  1. Rich Dixon

    One more…even the experts can miss the mark. Listen to their wisdom, but keep in mind they’re human. Good for medical stuff. Really good for spiritual stuff.


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