Thanks giving day.

On Sunday, we’re starting an Advent series that will run through Christmas. I decided to spend some time today being grateful.

jonwebThank you for spending some time here. I am grateful and humbled when I hear that something I said clicked. Most times, it clicked with me first.

Thank you for being patient with my digressions about running, about family, about great ideas that trail off. I believe that all parts of our lives are areas for growing, but I understand that there is a risk of too much self-expression, not enough insight.

Thank you as well for encouraging me in running, in writing, and in living. God speaks through you.

I am more thankful than I ever express for Nancy, for Andrew, for Hope, for Allie. I cannot type more without the screen being completely obscured by the tears of love and pride.

I am part of a community at Grabill Missionary, several communities in fact. Our staff, our small group, our Bible study group, and our young adult class form me. They teach me. And they show up here. When I say, “recently”, most often the story will involve someone from Grabill.

I started to type a list of names who have crossed from virtual to real friends. But I won’t put them here. I’ll talk to them directly. But they shape me.

And God shapes me. I don’t know how to say this without sounding churchy. I read the Bible and ask questions and write in my journal and am constantly stunned and humbled by glimpses of understanding. I often don’t have answers about why. I don’t see visions, don’t have angel choirs. But if you looked at my journal, you would see the things I ask in preparation which trail off and are followed with “Ah!”.


Thanks to Megin for the photo.

One thought on “Thanks giving day.

  1. Gary Mintchell

    Hi Jon, Thanks for the thoughts. I was slacking off on my running. Your progress reinvigorated me. I no longer have a Chicago office, so I don’t drive US30 through Indiana as much anymore. We’ll have to meet up sometime though.

    Looking forward to Advent thoughts.


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