Why I love you.

You understand that I don’t understand. You engage in conversation and teach me by your comments and behind the scenes responses.

You read about my wrestling with “glory” and you offer illustrations like Maybe it’s that God’s glory is like the excitement of being in a room with every rock star ever, times 10. Just as a start. 

Which captures the brilliance part of glory. Or in an email:

I think I sometimes get into trouble talking about the concept that has been passed around, rather than what Jesus actually said about something – or the people who saw Jesus – what did they say about him?

John talks about Jesus’ glory as being like the light shining into a dark place. Like when you really need some light. This light doesn’t really show us Jesus, but it shines on the stuff around us and lights it up and shows it for what it really is.

In the Temple, Jesus turns over the tables and tells me that meeting with God is not a place of commerce or transaction.  “Take these things away” he says. John also says that Jesus showed His glory when he changed the water of purification into the very best wine

Maybe we can not actually look at Jesus’ glory, but we can see what happens when he shines on the things around us.

And you offer words that you struggle with, too:

Righteousness. Heard it all my life. Had to go look it up and think on it to get some idea of what God meant by it. 

When I put community on my list for learning about this year, I wasn’t sure why. I just knew that connectedness around God is important. It’s a way of living out “and love your neighbor as yourself.” It turns out that part of community is talking about struggles and leaving space for interaction.

2 thoughts on “Why I love you.

  1. Elaine Stauss

    God’s glory~I think it is the display or result of the total combination of all of His character.
    We are unable to see the full glory of God because we are limited by our earthliness. For example His love.The Holy Spirit can only develop it in us to the extent that we allow Him and seek love.The love shines His light in the darkest places and situations of this world. Our mission , God’s love through us to bring His kingdom on earth.
    Only when we shed our earthly dimension will we see Him face to face in all His glory? Our response will be to bow and truly worship in Spirit and in truth. Only because we then finally become completely made in the image of God who created us?
    I seem to have more questions than answers of His glory.
    The most beautiful of this world such as a sunrise ,sunset , miracles etc.are but a spark off the diamond of His character of ” I Am” , the complete entity of the only true God in all His glory.


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