Reflecting on writing Good News.

Got plenty of coffee? Comfortable? I want to tell you a story. It’s just that. A story. A wondering.


The Holy Spirit breathes out. He breathes out words and thoughts. He reminds people of what Jesus said.

He comes to a man named Mark who is thinking about his life and his conversations with Peter and his conversations with Barnabas and prompts him to start writing and Mark writes, “The beginning of the good news about Jesus.”

And then the Holy Spirit says, in a whisper, in a nudge, in a thought, “tell them about what Isaiah said.” And Mark thinks about that and then starts to talk about John the Baptist.

And then the Spirit says to Mark, in a flicker so gentle most of us would miss it, “Remember the time Peter told you about, what happened when Jesus came over after synagogue, that story about his mother-in-law?”

And Mark writes.

And then the Holy Spirit says, “Remember Peter and Jesus and the children?”

And Mark says, “Oh man. Peter loved to tell that story. The guys had been arguing about who was first…and they got back to Peter’s house, and they were sitting around and Peter was feeling pretty confident. I mean, after all, Jesus is sitting in his living room…but no one wants to talk about what they had been talking about. So Jesus calls over Peter’s son. And, as Peter told it, he was getting pretty annoyed cause he’d told the kids to keep it quiet while Jesus was talking, and Jesus says, ‘Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name, welcomes me…and the one that sent me.’ And Jesus looks up at Peter. And no one is talking about who is most important. Some of them are busy trying to remember the kid’s name.”

And Mark, after thinking, writes.

And we read the gospel of Mark.