Stories about Jesus.

I’ll be out of the country from March 1-14. I could let 300 go quiet, I could use reruns. But I thought it might be interesting to have other voices during that time.

I decided to write to a handful of people who I respect and who might be interested in having guest posts at

I offered the opportunity to write a post of about 300 words answering the following question: What’s the story related to Jesus that is most compelling for you?

It can be one of his parables. It can be about something he does. It can be about something he says or is done to him. It can be about the story or about the difference that the story made to you.

Those posts will start next Monday. I’m delighted with what we will be reading.

But I’m curious.

How would you answer that question?

One thought on “Stories about Jesus.

  1. Beth Almeida

    When Jesus brought Lazarus back from the dead. The Bible says that Jesus wept. Was he grieving for his friend even though he knew he could raise him up or was he grieving because people were questioning why Jesus let him die?


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