Can You Read my Mind?

While I’m traveling, I asked some friends to answer a question: What’s the story related to Jesus that is most compelling for you? Today’s post is from Susan Pieters.

Any woman over fifty will remember the most romantic moment in the 1978 film Superman, when Lois Lane (Margo Kidder) is lifted in the air by a handsome superman (Christopher Reeve). She’s reveling in his ability to stop trains, use x-ray vision, save her life, and fly in the sky while he holds her. As capstone of the moment when she falls in love, she wonders if Superman has yet one more power, as expressed through the background music: Can you read my mind?

We long to be fully known. Being known signals the end of loneliness, the end of miscommunication, the end of pretending, the end of being separate. In marriage, we are completed when we are fully known by our partner physically and emotionally, and become one. Or try. Again, as any woman over fifty will know, there is a limit to how well your partner can read your mind, can truly see into your heart, can comprehend your deepest self and accept it.

I’ve always felt that Jesus could read my mind. I get a chill from how he greets Nathanael (John 1:47). Jesus describes Nathanael’s character before he is introduced, which shocks Nathanael. Then Jesus says “I saw you while you were still under the fig tree.”

Neither Jesus nor Nathanael gave away the secret as to what Nathanael was doing. But for Nathanael, Jesus made it clear that God saw him, knew him, could indeed read his mind.

When I read the Bible well, it feels written just for me, a personal message from a man who knows how I’m responding to his words, who loves me, and feels my love for him. I believe in a God who reads my mind.

Susan Pieters is a slightly published fiction writer and an editor at Pulp Literature magazine (