“The Bible for my friends” – a video series.

I love to help people understand the Bible at the story level. It’s why I wrote “A Great Work” as a conversation with Nehemiah. It guides my daily writing at 300wordsaday.com. It’s been part of my work as a pastor for the last fifteen years and in higher education before that.

All that background is why I started “The Bible for my Friends.” Short video lessons helping explain and explore the Bible. My current plan is to start with 13 episodes.

As I say in the first episode, I love reading the Bible. I hate having to read the Bible. That’s why I’m not great with Bible reading plans that start here and go to there in 90 days or 365 days. Lots of my friends struggle with that, too. And so they have great intentions about the Bible, but they don’t get far with reading it.

In this series of videos, I’ll share with you some of the ways I approach the Bible. Ways that show up in my writing, my teaching, my conversations with God. Ways that have made people say, “You help me look at the Bible differently.”

I’m not a Bible scholar. For me, that’s a person with degrees from seminaries and a mastery of Greek and Hebrew. I am, however, a communication scholar. And if the Bible is actually God talking with us, I can shed some light on what’s being said.


Episode 001 – Introduction and 5 ways to read the Bible

Episode 002 – Five more ways to read the Bible in community

Episode 003 – The Camera as Commentary: five ways to read the Bible through the lens of a camera

Episode 004 – The Sunday School class you missed – finding your way in New Testament

Episode 005 – Feasting your way through more ways to read the Bible (Coming soon)

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