Enough to start.

Graduation is in my Facebook feed this week and will be for a month more. Some people I have known for years have graduated from college. A couple took eight years, but kept working. High school students will be graduating and moving on. And I get a bit melancholy.

I was drinking coffee and thinking. And then I remembered that graduation is also called commencement. As in starting. Students are called upon to take what they’ve learned and start doing something with it. For some of us, that meant going on to grad school And then on to another grad school. At some point, the ratio of learning to doing has to shift in favor of doing.

As I fried my eggs and thought about this, I considered the amount of learning that a couple of guys Jesus healed had been given before they started their doing. One man, after receiving his sight, was defending Jesus in front of the religious leaders the day he is healed. Another man, after being released from demons, started talking about Jesus to the cities in his area. Neither of the men had much training. Neither could go into complex theological arguments. (“I don’t know whether he’s a sinner” said the man born blind.)They hadn’t been trained for that. But they did say, “I used to be that way, and now I’m this way. And the agent of change, the pivot point, the linchpin, the one who acted, was Jesus.”

They acknowledged that they didn’t know everything. They wished that they could spend more time with Jesus. They didn’t start laying out moral codes. They simply said, “I’m different. My friends all can see the change. And here’s what happened.”

Rather than worrying about what they couldn’t explain, they told what they new. They commenced.

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